Projects introduction-concrete batching plant HZS60 in Moldova



2019 05 10

Plant Location: Moldova 

Installation time: in 2014 

Type: standard concrete batching plant, belt type concrete batching plant

Model: HZS60

Capacity: 60m3/h

Popularity index: 5stars

The belt type concrete batching plant HZS60 is very popular in the oversea market, especially in Indonesia, Philippines, Moldova, Sri Lanka, etc.

Automatic and manual control system of concrete batching plant is very convenient for clients in oversea markets. 

1.The mixer YJS1000 concrete batching plant is introduced German and Italian technology, developed and designed jointly with Tongji university, adopted planetary gear reducer, small size, high efficiency and extremely reliable;

2. Lining board and blade of YSmix concrete batching mixer are made of high-chromium wear-resisting cast iron. Angle finite element analysis and design ensure good mixing effect, fast speed and long service life.

3. The shaft end bearing of concrete mixer is separated from the shaft end seal. The shaft end seal is protected by six-fold seal.

4. Overweight design of concrete batching plant mixer, excellent shock absorption.

5. The two mixing axes of YSmix concrete batching plant are opposite and at the same speed, and the mixing arms and mixing blades distributed in a spiral form on the axes make the material flow move in the radial direction while moving in the axial direction, so as to generate strong extrusion and convection movement, and produce homogeneous concrete in the shortest time to achieve the best effect.

6. The unloading door of concrete batching plant is cylinder unloading, convenient and quick.

7. The centralized lubrication system from YSmix concrete batching plant mixer adopts 380V strong motor, which can quickly fill the lubricating oil pump to the shaft head.

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