Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant


2019 05 10


  • Yueshou is Top 10 asphalt mixing plant supplier in China. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have been recognized as one of the famous road construction machinery enterprises. The supplied asphalt mixing plants are well-received among customers due to high quality, stable performance, reasonable prices and good service. Until now, Yueshou asphalt mixing plant have been salable all over the world, including Canada, Poland, Philippines, Malaysia,Yemen, Russia, Romania, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzabekistan, South Africa, etc.

    As the well-known asphalt plant supplier, we have shouldered the mission of manufacturing various types of asphalt mixing plants to satisfy customer’s special demands. We have developed advanced technical skills application to the new equipment. And our asphalt batching plant team has great and professional research and development capacity, which always follow up the market trend in order to manufaturer superior asphalt batching plants.

    In the domestic and overseas market, Yueshou has launches various asphalt mixing plants according to customers’ specific requirements. The following is detailed description of our asphalt mixing machine.

    Production type

    Yueshou asphalt batching plants mainly include standard asphalt mixing plant, mobile asphalt mixing plant and hot recycling asphalt batching plant.

    With regard to the mixing methods, our asphalt batching plants are forced type asphalt mixing plants.

    In order to satisfy different engineering quantities, we have produced various batching machines according to production capacities, including small type, medium type and large type.

    Character of mobile asphalt mixing plant:

    LBY series mobile asphalt mixing plant has compact structure, and the whole set of equipment is integrated on several towing units. Which is suitable for emergency repairing pavement and ordinary pavement construction of airport runway, dock, road and bridge.

    Detailed discription:

    The equipment is divided into 10 independent mobile towing units (The total unit quantity may change according to the equipment configuration of different order). It can be assembled quickly on site, and can enter the construction state after simple commissioning. Each mobile unit of the equipment adopts modular design and integrated installation. It has the characteristics of fast installation, simple commissioning, high automation, strong mobility, simple operation and high production and operation reliability. (All of the mobile units can be loaded into container.)

    1 Batching mobile unit 

    The aggregate bin and the conveyor are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer, to be a whole part.

    Use Frequency Control which has wide regulation range and very steady running. Audible and visual alarm function make sure of material supply. Use famous brand vibrator and frequency convertor Convenient assembly and low failure.

    2 Drying mobile unit 

    The feeding conveyor and the drying drum are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer, to be a whole part.

    The drying drum is driven synchronously by four motors, running smoothly with low noise.

    Optimized structure of the drying drum guarantees thermal efficiency and dry quality.

    The drum is covered by mineral wool layer to reduce heat loss.

    3 Elevating and mixing mobile unit

    The main tower frame, mixer, weighing hopper, elevator and operation room are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer, to be a whole part.

    The elevator adopts double-row anchor chain structure to lift steadily, with low noise and long service life.

    4 Weighing sensor 

    Use American famous brand weighing sensor to make sure of the weighing precision, the sensor can adjust to any bad weather condition 

    5 Mixing system 

    High-strength wear-resistant lining board and blade chrome alloy castings, to ensure its effective life.

    Enlarged mixing tank, guarantee the mixing efficiency and enhance the production capacity. 

    Mixer reducer use American brand Rexnord, which Guarantee the stability and working performance. 

    6 Electric control system 

    Use international famous brand air compressor and pneumatic control parts, with high reliability and lower failure rate. 

    Computer automatic control, use Siemens latest performance PLC controller, high automation and reliability. 

    Main electrical parts use international brand like Siemens, Schneider or Omron. 

    The computer has automatic failure diagnostic function.

    7 Vibration screen mobile unit

    The vibration screen and the hot aggregate storage system are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer, to be a whole part.

    Fully enclosed design which can avoid dust out. The screen use high-strength manganese steel material, easy to replace the screen. 

    Use double vibration motor, driving evenly and with low failure rate.

    8 Dust collecting mobile unit 

    Primary dust collector use gravity dust collector or volute dust collector. The fine aggregate particles collected here are sent to the hot aggregate elevator by screw conveyor for reuse.

    Secondary dust collecting use water dust collector or bag dust collector for customer to choose according to worksite condition. 

    9 Powder silo mobile unit

    The new powder silo and the screw are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer. Equipped with pneumatic conveying pipe. And new powder elevator is optional.

    10  Asphalt heating mobile unit 

    The asphalt heating device and storage device are integrated and installed on a semi-trailer. 

    The asphalt heating system is heated by heat conducting oil.

    Working Principle of Asphalt Plant

    Asphalt mixture is made of cold aggregate, mineral powder and asphalt. So after finished the arrangement of these three materials, discharge them into the mixer and begin to produce the asphalt mixture. The following is detailed working process.

    1. Break stones through the tilted belt feeding conveyor are sent to the drying drum from the cold aggregate supply system, and then the materials will be heated and dried by the burning system, then the hot aggregate will be lifted through the hot aggregate elevator to the screening system, and the hot aggregates will be screened according to the diameters of the aggregates. Next, send the aggregates to the hot aggregate stock bin, and the aggregates enter into the aggregate weighing system, after the weighing, discharge the proportioned aggregates into the mixer;

    2. In the process of heating and drying in the drying drum, there will be some dusts produced, and the dusts enter into the dust collecting system and after the dust removal, enter into the recycling powder storehouse. The mineral powder enters into the mineral powder stock bin. Then, the recycling powder and the new powder into the powder weighing system, and after the weighing, discharge them into the mixer;

    3. Asphalt will be pumped into the asphalt tank through the asphalt pump, the asphalt tank has a heating and insulated effect on the asphalt. And then send the asphalt to the asphalt weighing system and after the weighing process, discharge the asphalt into the mixer.

    After these three preparatory processes above, begin to mix according to the designated time and after the mixing, discharge the asphalt mixture into the finished product storage bin or discharge them into the heated bitumen tanker directly.

    There are too numerous asphalt mixing plant suppliers in China, while our company has devoted ourselves to innovate our mobile asphalt plant for more than 20 years, and we make up our mind to export our asphalt mixing plant China to all over the world. And we will never stop doing this!

    Things Need To Notice When Choose Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant Supplier

    1. Note the scale of mobile asphalt batching plant supplier;

    2. Note the mobile asphalt batching plant price different manufacturers provided;

    3. Note which type mobile asphalt mixer they use, different mixers can achieve different effect, such as, drum mixer can improve the efficiency, while compulsory mixer can produce high-quality asphalt.

    4. Anyway, if you want to get right asphalt mixing plant, and you want a reasonable mobile asphalt batch plant price, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable mobile asphalt mix plant supplier. There are numerous mobile asphalt plant suppliers on the market, but you need to make detailed comparison, you can make a decision. We are top 10 asphalt mixing plant manufacture from China, we are reliable mobile asphalt batch plant supplier, and we have many types of asphalt mixing plants for sale.

    We sincerely welcome you to contact us and get the detailed information, we will supply you the best asphalt plant.

  • ModelLBY1000LBY1200LBY1500LBY2000
    Production capacity80 t/h95 t/h120t/h160t/h
    Max. total power290 kW326 kW380kW440 kW
    Screening capacity120 t/h120 t/h160 t/h200 t/h
    Hot aggregate hopper capacity5 t5 t18 t20 t
    Mixer capacity1000 kg/batch1200 kg/batch1500 kg/batch2000 kg/batch
    Aggregate weighing hopper1.1 m²1.1 m²1.5 m²1.9 m²
    Powder weighing hopper0.2 m²0.2 m²0.32 m²0.41 m²
    Asphalt weighing hopper0.2 m²0.2 m²0.25 m²0.3 m²
    Whole plant weight88 t98 t150 t170 t
    Dust Collecting Model

    Gravity dust collector+

     Bag dust collector/water dust collector

    Gravity dust collector+

     Bag dust collector/water dust collector

    Gravity dust collector+ 

    Bag dust collector

    Gravity dust collector+ 

    Bag dust collector