Stabilized Soil Batching Plant


2019 05 10


  • MWB Series MWB300Ⅰ~ MWB1000

    Plant Mixing machineries series (famous brand in Shandong province), is one of main products designed by my company on independent research and development . As a pofessional expert of mixing plant on design and manufacture, our company has been committed to innovation and upgrading the products for more than twenty years., nearly 1000 equipments have been widely used in the high grade road, Airport, water conservancy the municipal engineering construction, etc., which won a good market reputation and has accumulated rich experiences  for our company, to lay a solid foundation for improving the quality of the equipment . The equipment adopts double horizontal shaft forced continuous mixer, large production capacity, high efficiency; accurate measurement, convenient operation and high reliability for mixing all kinds of gravel; stabilized soil, lime stabilized soil, soil and other basic stable material, so it is preferred by all kinds of construction units.

    1.The modular design. The reasonable layout, centralized arrangement, small occupied area, convenient maintenance.

    2.detachable structure, can realize fast block, transitions, assembly, transportation, installation.

    3. with double horizontal shaft forced continuous mixer, large capacity, applicable to a variety of materials in a continuous stirred manner;  long distance for net mixing, multi alloy blade continuous stirring,to guarantee the quality of the finished product material mixing.

    4.aggregate and powder metering are controlled by computer, the program running is stable and reliable; three full suspension type weighing structure is adopted in the measurement of powder, to ensure measurement accuracy.

    5.programmed by famous brand inverter, PLC, automation and control computer, long service life, reliable use; with manual, automatic two kinds of control functions and can be switched to each other.

    6.Especially suitable for large engineering, concentration and fixation or not often moving construction sites.

  • ModelProduction capacity (t/h)Aggregate weighing precisionFiller weighing precisionwater weighing precisionTotal power (kw) Land Area ㎡